Amberlyn Shetland Sheepdogs
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To Amberlyn!

We test our breeding dogs for the diseases that

can be tested for such as clearance on eyes,

vWd, thyroid including TgAA as well as hip

certification. All puppies that are sold as a

companion are sold on a non-breeding

spay/neuter contract and proof of this being

done is required by us.

Puppies are raised in our kitchen and,when old

enough to run around, are given the freedom to

do so in our living room under supervision.  Only

when they have had their first set of boosters do

we take them outside and introduce them to the

"bigger" world. 

We have shown and finished over 50 home-bred

champions.  We have put titles in obedience on

some and herding titles on some and Rally Titles

on some and have enjoyed every minute of it. 

The sheltie is a very versatile little dog that wins

hearts of many.

Now sit back, grab a coffee and take a peek at

our dogs.

Amberlyn Shelties was established in 1985 when we purchased our first sheltie whom we named Kricket (later to become Ch. Marni- Maureen's Kimmy Kricket, CD)  She showed us the true beauty and intelligence of the breed from her many silly antics to make us laugh , to her loyalty throughout her life.  We were introduced to the obedience ring, conformation ring and the many, many friends we have accumulated over the years. We do selective breedings a couple of times a year with the goal to produce healthy, happy dogs which not only conform to the standard but would make the best possible companions as a family member.

Permanently CKC Registered