Why We Breed From the beginning, our breeding policy has been very specific. When we began this sport, we set ourselves three guridelines/rules: 1. Breed for the perfect dog 2. There are no perfect dogs 3. Do no harm to the breed Over the years we have striven to adhere to these ideals.
to Skyehaven and the home of Sherrie Sparling. We have been involved in the exhibition and breeding of Shetland Sheepdogs since the late 1980s, having produced more than 70 champions and numerous performance title holders since our beginning. At Skyehaven our focus has always been quality rather than quantity. All our breedings are carefully planned, often years in advance. As we breed only when we are able to retain a puppy for ourselves, we do not breed frequently, often going a year or longer between litters. All our breeding stock is carefully screened for genetic issues prior to being bred.
Our Hopefuls At Skyehaven we take the time to grow up the most promising puppies in a litter in order to ensure they have the qualities we are needing for our breeding and exhibition purposes. As a result, we occasionally have an older puppy available to an approved companion home.
Our Placement Policy All our companion puppies are sold on CKC Non-Breeding registration, and must be spayed/neutered at 7 months of age. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any of our dogs to homes which do not meet our strict criteria